26 Easy Ways to Help you Gain More Instagram Followers in 2021

gain more instagram followers

The absolute size of Instagram is shocking when you consider it. Last year it went past the users’ mark of 1 billion active users and it still hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down in the coming years. Soon it may even attain a third or second spot in terms of users.

Considering its attractive and massive user base, pretty much every business wants to take advantage of Instagram. Their hunger is right and justified as well.

According to Instagram, 80 per cent of users follow an organization. The participation rate of Instagram is huge and among the biggest as compared to other social media networks. So it is no shock and expected that everybody wants a piece of that pie before it goes bad.

Sitting at the table does not guarantee you will find any of it, though. Sometimes you are lucky merely to catch the crumbs.

Are you tired of posting and still not getting enough followers? Here is a list of 26 easy ways to help you gain more followers over Instagram.

1. Buy Instagram Followers For Social Status

If you need more followers, then you can simply just buy more. It need not be any more complex than that. Happily, there are providers like Socialpushers who will gladly supply you with exactly what you need.

Engagement is another aspect that should be given enough importance. Socialpushers can help you with this as well. As your articles grow and get views and likes, they get pushed towards the top of google’s search results. Subsequently, this may also encourage additional follower development.

You can take it as a way to get the dice rolling with some instant social boosting. All it requires is a little boost to put things into motion, and soon enough you will have enough momentum to break through the walls of success.

2. Optimize Your Hashtag Utilization

Hashtags function as Instagram’s primary way of organizing content. If someone wants to find anything, they’ll likely search via a few hashtags first. This can, however, be a tough task considering there are multiple hashtags available for the same topic.

To put it differently, to maximize the visibility of your posts, you are going to have to maximize the way that you utilize hashtags.

You should not assume that the hashtags with the maximum reach are always the best option. You are going to want to have a mixture of hashtags of different sizes. The hashtags with low reach and number of posts will showcase your posts longer and the hashtags with huge reach and number of posts will give you more followers. Both have their own benefits.

Make sure the hashtags you select are relevant to the content of your article. Spamming unrelated hashtags may end up in a shadowban for your account.

3. Find the Perfect Time To Post

This topic is highly debatable among specialists. Ever since Instagram switched into an algorithm-based feed as opposed to a chronological arrangement, it’s been unsure the number of postings at particular times of the day affects anything.

The very best information on the topic comes out of Hootsuite. They assert, depending on the data they have gathered, that the ideal time to article depends upon your business and if your audience has become the most active. Instagram’s recent research adds some depth to the situation.

You may have to do some hit and trial method research of your in order to confirm the findings. And once you find the time slot that works the best for you and provides the maximum results, that is the time slot you should stick with and try to post at least one post daily at the given time. Three or two daily posts are more ideal.

4. Consistently Post Quality Content

The quantity can never be an active replacement for quality. A single high-quality post will generate more traffic and have a higher impact than a multiple number of low-quality posts. Right now the latter is the main form of content over Instagram.

Compare your content with your competitors and try to find out what they have been doing. What works for them might also work for you and as cherry over the cake, you can also provide better and high-quality content as compared to them. This is what will make you stand out.

In case you want to be the creator of your content yourself instead of hiring some freelancer or agency, you should do the basic research of photography. There is an unlimited number of tutorials available on the internet for the same. You must have at least the basic understanding of photography concepts such as lighting, colour composition, angles etc.

5. Follow Other Users & Engage With Their Posts

Never lose the idea of why any social media network exists. A social network is meant for making users socialize, as well as to develop communities with users having a sense of belonging. So if you are over Instagram, then you are automatically expected to socialize with others, which you can do by liking or commenting.

You can start by following the accounts that fall under the same niche and who might be interested in your content expecting them to follow you back. After which, you may directly message them or like their posts or leave comments to develop a connection and socialize further.

Doing all these actions will create a sense among them that you are there for more than just a business relationship.

6. Win it With Your Bio

Instagram lets you write an attractive bio on your page to describe what your brand is about and to provide relevant information to the user about you. It is the first thing any viewer will see if they come to your page.

The bio, however, comes with a character limit of 150 and you have to be concise with your information. Do not sweat over the little details if you can’t fit them in.

You can also put a link in the bio of your website or blog. This is the only place where you can put a link on Instagram however if you want to put multiple links in your bio you can do so using Linktree which creates a hub of links.

The stronger you bio is the higher are the chances of converting the viewer into a loyal follower of your page. As a users attention span is limited and if the bio is not strong they might lose their interest and move on.

7. Have A Brand Tone

Having an aesthetic content scheme is the key to building your brand’s identity over Instagram. Having a certain theme or style you present the content may attract viewers more since it gives them an idea of what your brand is all about. If your post style is changing every day it will reflect bad on your users and they might not follow you.

There are a lot of ways you can set the brand tone. It might be as straightforward as the colours which you employ, as most brands have a particular palette that’s unique to them. Also, the pictures that you use can be of different styles and portray different concepts to the user.

One of the most important decisions in coming up with a brand tone is deciding your target audience. The more audience-centric and related content you make the more users may end up following you. Being unique and different has always worked.

8. Write Engaging Captions

Captions do not need to be just dry, dull descriptions. They can be as entertaining and persuasive as the material itself. A well-written caption can do wonders for your reach and may generate more impressions than any other ordinary post.

Do not limit yourself with the traditional style of writing captions. You can instead write better captions using emojis or giving the caption a personal touch. Personalised content often attracts viewers as it gives them a sense of relatability. If you are able to engage a viewer and make him relate to your caption then he is more likely to react or follow you up.

All these are great means of generating engagements on your posts.

9. Feature UGC (User-Generated Content)

UGC means anything that is created by the users and not the page owner himself. It is a way of turning your followers into your promoters and take benefit of their ideas. Also, you get free content to post so always encourage the users to create content.

You can post this content over your Instagram feed and give a shoutout to the user who made it. Everyone likes being featured and acknowledged for their work and if it’s on the page of a brand they like they might be encouraged to create more and will feel more related to your brand.

Do not forget to give the credits by tagging the users who made the content as you never ever want to be called a content stealer. People love it when they are tagged by big brands and if given credit for work they might be more interested in the brand.

10. Contests and Giveaways

This holds true because the users don’t have to go through complex processes to compete in these contests. That makes these contests a win-win situation for both the users and the brand. The user might receive the prize and the brand will end up gaining more followers.

A basic Instagram contest typically involves asking participants to trace your accounts and leave a comment on your article so as to meet the requirements. You can ask them to tag their friends too to generate the necessary buzz about the competition. You can either make this a condition for participating in the contest or simply ask them nicely.

If you want to approach this in a more advanced way, you could hold a contest around user-generated content. You can ask them to follow your account and share the post in their stories with your branded hashtag and a tag towards your page.

11. Tag Your Places

Tagging your post with the location can also work wonders similarly to hashtags, where a user can check all of the posts under the location if they search for it. Locations have their separate feeds like hashtags.

Because of this, a lot of people browse these tags to find out what’s going on in their surrounding region. This is where users search to find about the events happening near them or to make new friends and find out about local businesses that may interest them. You are definitely missing out on a lot of potential followers if you are still not tagging your posts with locations.

If you are posting pictures of your local shop or restaurant over your feed and it’s not tagged, the users might find it difficult to find your place. However, if you do tag your pictures then the users who see your posts might end up at your shop.

12. Shoutouts from Influencers

Influencer marketing is the new go-to for new brands. Influencers are people who have massive followings and you can reach out to their audience through them. These influencers know what kind of content works and what content the user is more likely to engage with. So don’t miss this opportunity and get in touch with local influencers.

If you can find influencers whose follower base might be the audience you are looking for, then you can boost your follower count in no time by approaching them and getting a shoutout from these influencers.

The first thing you should consider while looking for an influencer is checking if that influencers ideology matches with your brand. If the influencer you choose posts content related to your niche then you can approach him. If the audience base of the influencer seems like potential customers for your brand then proceed with the negotiation.

Apart from getting shoutouts, you can also ask them to review your products by sending a free sample. The influencer will use your product and will give a positive review and feedback over his story or feed which will create a good public image for your product and will create enough awareness resulting in a sale.

13. Collaborate With Others

Your competitors are not necessarily your enemies. They are also looking to get more followers and you can team up with your rivals and take advantage of both your follower base. It is a relationship that will benefit both of the parties involved.

Campaigns that involve collaborations are generally more successful when the products provided are complementary to each other. Suppose you sell muscle growth protein powders, then it will be best if you worked alongside a brand that is offering gym equipment or gear etc.

Do not limit your collaborations on the base of the size of the brand. Even if the other brand is smaller or bigger it still has an untapped market in terms of followers that you can benefit from. Tapping in on those followers both the brands can earn more and grow further.

14. Instagram Verified Account

Like any other social media network, Instagram also provides blue ticks to the verified users. Public figures, artists, entrepreneurs who are having a decent following and mentions over the web go for this verification badge that is displayed on the right side of their usernames. It is a confirmation that the account is a verified representative of the brand is being used by the owners of the brand.

It might look small but it has some hidden benefits. A verified profile will automatically attract more followers than an unverified profile. It is a kind of assurance to the visitors of on your profile that they can trust your account and its the real account. An unverified account is always considered to be untrustworthy and appears as if its a spam account.

How to get verified on Instagram?

The process for getting a verification badge is quite simple and you can do it yourself.

1. Go to your Instagram account settings.

2. Click on the Account tab.

3. Find the Request Verification tab and click on it.

4. Submit your information and documents.

5. Wait for Instagram to check your eligibility and verification.

15. Post Instagram Stories

Instagram started the stories on their platform as an answer to Snapchat. However, it turned out to be more than just a coping up strategy and became one of the most popular features of Instagram. According to Statista Instagram stories get around 500 million active users daily.

Instagram stories are visible not only to your followers but also to the people who do not follow you already. It is not limited to your existing follower base and hence attracts new followers for your page. You can use hashtags to place your stories in users discovery feeds. Stories also receive higher level of engagements as compared to normal posts.

Unlike your Instagram post’s the stories only remain on your page for 24 hours after which they disappear. So you can use casual content and have to spend less time on making the best quality content as compared to posts which will stay on your feed indefinitely.

16. Go Live

In the past decade, live streaming has become very popular. Almost all of the social media networks provide live streaming feature nowadays. From Youtube to Facebook to Tiktok everyone is working on the live streaming feature.

Live streams are more interesting for a user than a prerecorded video. Considering we all love it when something can go wrong and this excites us to watch it more. As we can relate more with the owner as a human when he goes live. It gives your page a face and an identity.

Instagram offers live streaming under Instagram Stories as Instagram Live. This feature can be used by you to make some announcements, connecting with your audience, one on one discussions, giving your audience the behind the scenes footage etc.

Live streaming comes with unlimited and unmatched potential and users are more likely to connect with your page.

17. Share Your Instagram Page On Other Social Networks

The most common mistake made by the page owners is jumping up to the conclusion that they have the same users following them on all of their social pages. Which is hardly the case in reality. Your Instagram audience and facebook audience might be different.

If you have online presence over multiple platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok then you can share your Instagram page over there in a status or a story to make the audience aware about your IG page.

Always remember to include your Instagram and other social links on your website as well. WordPress provides certain plugins to help you embed all your social networks with your site. Your website viewers can click on your pages from your website and can follow you later.

18. Use Your Links on Offline Promotional Material Too

You do not need to limit your promotional efforts over online mediums only. You can also use the offline mediums to promote your Instagram page and gain more awareness.

You can print your username with Instagram logo on the side on bottom or side of the Promotional materials such as newspaper articles, pamphlets, your visiting card, etc. Any user who uses Instagram will find it and search for your brand.

Not everyone will look up for you over Instagram but even a small portion of them will work wonders for you. Considering offline promotions never end and this will work as a bonus.

19. Follow Trends

Social media never stops and the trends are everchanging. Don’t feel discouraged if you can not keep track of everything. Just do your best to adhere to the things that are important to your core audience.

Spend at least one minute every day to browse the popular and trending hashtags and find out what the people are talking about. You can check the explore tag every once in a while to be updated. It’d also be a fantastic idea to follow a small number of accounts that post about the latest news and trends. You will find new content ideas to post about.

You only have to be cautious about contentious topics. Don’t just copy-paste hashtags or don’t just make content for the sake of it. Play it safe and select topics that you are able to relate back to your brand. Follow trends that may benefit you. For example, seasonal trends like Christmas will boost up your follower base and will create a positive image.

If you are updated with the trends you will also know what your audience wants. You can also depict the type of content that is getting the most number of engagements and likes. You can use this information to develop your own content.

20. Target Specific Niche

Not every manufacturer should throw their net wide. It is not a good way of marketing and is a detriment in reality. That is because not all services and products have the capability to appeal to everyone.

It’s better to focus on a specific niche sometimes rather than going for the broader aspect.

When you post content about a specific niche regularly, it will attract more loyal followers for your brand, considering the users who will turn up on your profile are already interested in that niche and they will find all the updates from your page directly.

You should always know what audience you are catering to. For that, you can create audience personas entailing details such as their age, sex, location, interest and other characteristics that might be of importance in developing your persona. Use this persona to further develop the content according to your audience taste.

21. Instagram Advertising

Advertising is an essential part of every promotional campaign. Instagram Advertising is a tool every brand should use. Setting up ads over Instagram is quite easy, quick, and the best part is that Instagram will do most of the work and suggest you with options to advertise. You can use their insights to promote your content in a much efficient manner.

Instagram offers a wide range of ad types that can be used to promote your content. You can either use video and photo advertisements or you may use multi-image carousel ads, whatever works best for your brand. Instagram stories can also be promoted and will appear as sponsored stories on the explore tab of Instagram.

You can select from your existing posts in case you do not want to work on a new creation. That’s how simple Instagram has made it for us.

22. Be Part of An Engagement Group

There is still one way of getting followers that is often ignored: you could combine an engagement group, that can be sometimes also called Instagram pods. This means multiple accounts coming together in an unofficial agreement to support each other’s posts by liking, sharing and engaging with them.

You can find these engagement groups generally over Whatsapp or Telegram. Many groups specialise in specific segments such as providing likes, comments, views etc. It may be a time taking process to find good groups, but once found they are a treasure chest unopened.

However, you have to be careful about which group you join. Make certain that you talk with a group’s members so it is possible to understand what’s expected from both sides before agreeing to anything.

23. Don’t Ignore Reviews or Feedback

You can find customers leaving their questions or expressing their concerns and complaints either via direct message or in the comment section of your posts. You should always respond to them to appear more personal.

Think thoroughly and come up with thoughtful answers addressing their concerns. Your tone as a brand should always be humble and polite. Except for trolls obviously every user deserves a response and a serious thought from your end.

By being responsive to these comments as a brand, you can show that you care. It will give a sense of being heard to your audience and will reflect positively for your brand. The audience will connect more with such pages.

24. Comment Moderation

There’s a reason why the phrase “never look at the comments” has become a social motto. That is so because often the comments section turns into a playground for trolls spreading negativity and trolling each other. It can, however, be controlled by you.

Do not hesitate to delete certain comments if required. If you find any user using obscene images or hateful language in the comments section, just delete their comments and give them a warning. Occasional offenders must be reported from the report abuse section.

Spam comments from other brands using bot accounts will also ruin your comments section. You can help Instagram in identifying these bot accounts by reporting them and Instagram will take care of the rest.

Your first impression goes a long way. The comment sections reflect the kind of audience a page has, and being able to moderate it with relevant comments only will reflect well for your brand. More people are likely to comment when the section is moderated and clean.

25. Tag Other Accounts

If you are posting a content that mentions or related to any other brand, then do not forget to tag them. Tagging them will send a notification to the tagged page, from where they can repost your content over their stories resulting in a crossover helping your brand in gaining more followers

How to Tag Someone On Existing Instagram Post?

Tagging is quite easy and you can do it anytime after posting.

  1. Click on the edit section of your post
  2. Click on the Tag People section on the Share screen that comes before publishing a post
  3. Type the initials of the username of the page you wish to tag
  4. Select the right page from the results
  5. Click on Save post

Also, mention the tagged accounts in your post captions. This works as a secondary measure and will let your audience know what the post is about or who it is talking about.

26. Own Up to Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. We are humans and not machines and making mistakes is what differentiates us from robots. A human that is perfect is a myth and you should not look down on your mistakes but own them.

Every page that has become successful has committed mistakes at some point. But they, owned up to them and never repeated the same mistake twice. That is the takeaway you should consider.

Owning up to your mistake might attract some backlash in the short run but will prevent any major backlash in the future for the brand and will also help your brand in humanising itself.

26 Easy Ways To Gain More Instagram Followers
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26 Easy Ways To Gain More Instagram Followers
A latest and definitive guide on how to gain more Instagram followers for your page. Learn 26 easy ways to grow your Instagram follower base.

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