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Instagram is a free photo and video-sharing social networking website. It launched in October 2010 on iOS first and became available on Android in April 2012 and on Windows in late 2013. Facebook bought the network in 2012 and is the current owner.

Like most social media networks, Instagram allows you to follow other users that you are interested in. All the content from the users you follow will be displayed over your feed on your homepage. You can choose to Like posts and comment on them if you want to say something.

Instagram also supports Stories in addition to posting photos and videos that stay on your feed permanently. It is a similar feature like Snapchat where you can post stories. Stories allow you to post one or more photos and videos in a series. Any user can watch your stories from your profile for 24 hours after which they expire.

Apart from this, Instagram also supports direct messaging so you can chat with your friends in private. You can also explore Instagram followers to see how they play an important role over Instagram. We’ll talk about them below so keep reading.

Instagram Followers

People who follow you over Instagram are called followers; these followers can see your posts on their feeds too and can like, view or comment. If your Instagram privacy is set to private, your followers are the only people who can view your stories and your posts. Followers can also send messages directly.

The Instagram following refers to a list of all the people that you follow over Instagram. If they follow you back then you can also direct message these people. Otherwise, they will have to approve your chat request. You can view their posts and stories on your own feed.

Instagram Likes

Likes originally meant a form of appreciation for your post. If a user likes a post then it is said that he/she may have liked the content and has shown his appreciation. However, this changed when Instagram changed its focus from content to a more evolved social networking platform.

Now likes reflect social relationships instead of appreciation for good artistic content. Friends tend to like each other’s post irrespective of it being artistic or not. Likes have now become a medium where friends and family members exchange them to show that they have seen the post.

Instagram Views

For every video that you post over your feed or stories, Instagram displays a count of people who have watched your content. A view is counted when a user watches your content for 3 seconds or more without scrolling. It gets displayed below your post as a measure of how many times your video has been viewed.

Having a decent follower base over Instagram can really work wonders for you just like they did for Kylie Jenner, Cameron Dallas, Wolfie Cindy & many more. There is a huge amount of business opportunities that can be created with our buy Instagram followers package. Social media account status is judged based on the follower counts it has. Higher the follower numbers, more the chances of getting business deals. Some of the benefits of buying Instagram followers are mentioned below:

1. You could earn money

Instagram accounts can make you a lot of money via advertisements. Every marketer is looking for new means to reach out to new markets. The second any marketer sees that you have a good following over Instagram and that the followers you have fit the demographic requirements they have, they will contact you for advertising their products. Many Instagram influencers get paid to promote products over their accounts in feeds or stories or by giving shoutouts. Or you could simply monetize your IGTV videos introduced by Instagram in 2020.

2. You could create trends

If you are famous on Instagram which means having a massive following then you get the power to bring about change. When a celebrity starts a hashtag, it goes viral on social media and gets often picked out by mainstream media outlets. If your voice is not being heard or if you intend to bring awareness towards some social or environmental issue powerfully then having a decent followers count can help better than other mediums. You could post a picture or a story and people are more likely to take action because a famous Instagrammer has posted it.

  1. You can get famous

Everyone likes getting famous! A sense of happiness is attached to fame. If you have more than 10,000 followers over your Instagram then even your friends will look at you with respect and there are certain perks associated with having a good following over Instagram. People tend to get attracted to social status and what else could be a better way to have a good social status than having a decent follower count. You are considered as Influencer and you also develop a sense of authority in the niche you are working.  People will follow your posts more religiously if you have a good following. Keeping all this in mind its always a good choice to buy Instagram followers.

4. You can get more clients

Having a decent following – which can be achieved by purchasing our Instagram followers service – will make you both popular and respected. As great as it sounds, anyone who visits your Instagram profile will get the impression that you are famous and the product or service you are providing is already widely accepted and they will listen to you and buy your products more willingly. There already exist numerous brands and business owners that are using this technique to boost their online sales.

5. You gain even more followers!

A profile having huge massive following will organically attract more new users to it who might turn into new followers. The curiosity of people will increase towards your account and you can use this power of followers to become a celebrity or influencer and thus in turn also make major financial success.

The benefits of having more followers are endless, and everyone wants to make the most of their Instagram accounts. You can buy Instagram followers from Socialpushers and enjoy the perks of being an influencer. 

Almost everyone who uses Instagram wonders whether they should buy Instagram followers for their profiles and have a massive following or not. Considering the world is changing and online sales have become an integral part of any marketing effort, getting more followers and spending some cash on Instagram services will for sure do wonders for you.

Most of the population nowadays is online and using Instagram. A user can visit your profile and get information about the products or services you offer, it will be advantageous if your profile has a decent following which helps new users in developing trust towards your brand. A user is more likely to make a purchase if you have a decent follower count.

Gaining more Instagram followers will give your business a boost and will take it to another level. It will generate awareness for your products and will feature you alongside well-known brands. A whole new market is waiting for you to be explored! New clients more business opportunities can be generated using your Instagram accounts these days.

Socialpushers provides the best in the market packages for Instagram followers. We are experts in the industry having more than eight years of experience under our belt, and we focus on providing only real and authentic services to our clients. If you buy Instagram followers from Socialpushers then you get 24/7 support and refund option in case the service is not working properly.

We work with the motto of “Making Social Easy” for our clients by providing them with best in market social media boosting services at the least cost possible. We don’t use any illegal means to fulfil our orders. All the likes, views & followers come from real accounts having a good following.

Socialpushers is the first website out there that offers one-click purchase via PayPal. For better user experience, we collect the information required for processing your orders on the pricing page itself and you just need to fill it and click on buy now to complete the purchase. The steps are as follows:


Compare Packages – Compare the different package options that we offer in our pricing tables and choose the best alternative as per your requirements.


Input your Details – Now fill the username and email section on the pricing table with the relevant information and click on the buy now button to be redirected to the final payment page.

Note: the profile must be public for the followers to be added.

Make Payment – Make the payment directly from your PayPal account using your Visa/Mastercard credit card or from PayPal wallet balances.

Voila! Now just be patient and let our experts work on your profile and see the followers growing magically within hours of placing your order.


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